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5.0kW Portable Air Conditioner

5.0kW Portable Air Conditioner

This portable air conditioning unit can produce 5 kilowatts of cooling capacity from a 240v power outlet. With two flexible outlets the cool air can be easily directed for spot cooling or it can be supplied with a panel grill for general room cooling.


5.0kW Portable Air Conditioning Unit

This unit works on the same principle as most modern air conditioning systems. Air from the room is drawn into the portable air conditioning unit, cooled and is then blown back into the room which reduces the ambient temperature. Heat which is generated in this process is evacuated via a window, door or ceiling panel through a flexible exhaust duct.

Installed in just minutes as it is just wheeled into place, this unit is simple to operate and to maintain.  The control panel continually displays the status of the unit and the water tank which collects the condensed moisture is easily removed for emptying.  With a smaller footprint than a 6.0kW portable air conditioning unit, it is a great solution that provides substantial cooling where space is a consideration.

Fitted with Condensate Pump provision. (optional)


Cooling Capacity
16,800 Btu
Power Consumption
2,270 watts (@ 9.45A)
Refrigerant Type
Space (up to)
39.5 m2
Air Volume (approx)
780 cubic meters/hr
Fan Speeds
Dehumidifying Volume (35degC/60%RH)
Up to 1.7 l/hr
Tank Capacity
11 litre
Unit Dimensions
490mm(w) x 590mm(d) x 1,160mm(h)
Net Weight
Sound level (approx)

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