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4.4kW Reverse Cycle Portable Air Conditioner

4.4kW Reverse Cycle Portable Air Conditioner

This is one of our most popular units for use in smaller areas such as individual offices, treatment rooms and reception areas as it is both quiet and less industrial looking than some of its counterparts.


4.4kW Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

This unit works on the same principle as most modern air conditioning systems. Air from the room is drawn into the portable air conditioning unit, cooled and is then blown back into the room which reduces the ambient temperature. Heat which is generated in this process is evacuated via a window, door or ceiling panel through a flexible exhaust duct.

The low profile and curved design of this portable air conditioning unit means that it doesn’t look out of place in an office environment.  With the ability to cool / heat a space from 10m2 up to 25m2, it is versatile both in its application and its ability to be moved thanks to castor wheels and a top handle.  This unit will even evaporate the condensed moisture it removes from the atmosphere via the hot air duct … that’s right, no water tank needed!

Four function modes: Air Fan  |  Cooling  |  Dehumidifying  |  Heating



YPC 1-15H

Cooling Capacity

4.4 kW

Heating Capacity (kw)

4.8 kW

Power Consumption – Cooling

1900 W

Power Consumption – Heating

1550 W



Refrigerant Type


Space (Up To)

25 m2

Air Volume (approx)

520 cubic meters / hour

Fan Speeds


Dehumidifying Volume (35degC/60%RH)

Up to 60.0 (L/24H)

Noise level


Unit Dimensions

370mm(w) x 595mm(d) x 815mm(h)

Net Weight

40 kg

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