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3.2kW Portable Air Conditioner

3.2kW Portable Air Conditioner

  • This 3.2Kw (12,000 Btu) unit uses a regular 10amp power plug and is ideal for small areas such as bedrooms or individual offices with an area of approx 10-12Sq mts.


3.2Kw Portable Air Conditioning Unit

These small portable units are capable of cooling an average sized bedroom or individual office (10-12 sq mts) and can be easily installed by the customer.

The hot air is discharged via a 150mm flexible duct the hot air that can be attached to an adjustable window bracket and there is no need to empty water containers continuously during the day as the condensate (water) is evaporated and discharged via the hot air duct.

Given it’s portable nature, the unit can wheeled between rooms as required.

Power Consumption (W) cooling1,220
Sound Pressure dB(A)52
Running Current (A)6.0
Power240v/ 50hz
Refrigerant TypeR407C
Space (up to)16m2
Dehumidifying Volume (35degC/60%RH)Up to 1.66l/hr
Air Volume520 cubic meters / hour
Unit Dimensions505(w) x 410(d) x 855(h)
Fan Speeds3
Weight (kg)38

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