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18kW Portable Air Conditioner

18kW Portable Air Conditioner



18kW Portable Air Conditioning Unit

This unit works on the same principle as most modern air conditioning systems. Air is drawn into the portable air conditioning unit, cooled and is then blown back into the required area which reduces the ambient temperature. Heat which is generated in this process is evacuated via an external exhaust duct.

  • The 18kW 3 Phase Portable Air Conditioner is trailer mounted for easy transportation to your site.
  • The 18 Kw has a manifold of 3 x 350mm ducts to deliverer chilled air and can be fitted for return air if required.
  • It has a timer so it can be set for auto shut down after a predetermined period.
  • It is ideal for situations where the chilled air can be delivered directly into existing duct work while the main unit is repaired or replaced or it can be used to flood an open work area with chilled air to keep the workers comfortable or stock cool.
  • It has a 3 Phase 20amp plug.




Cooling Capacity

18,000 watts

Heating Capacity

18,000 watts


15.8A (full load)



Refrigerant Type



 Up to 150 m2

Air Volume

approx 1,000 litres / second

Fan Speeds


Dehumidifying Volume

Up to 150 litres / 24 hours

Thermostat Range

18 to 30 degrees

Unit Dimensions

2,255mm(w) x 1,515mm(h) x 3,550mm(L)

Net Weight

250kg approx

Noise level



0 to 24 hours

Operating Temperature

18 to 43 degrees

Air Conditioning Hire Enquiry

  • Tell us about your space

  • eg. Individual or open plan offices because the main air conditioning is broken or partially broken.
  • eg. ceiling tiles, plasterboard, over 4m high
  • This can be measured, stepped out or count the ceiling tiles.

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