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100 Litre Dehumidifier

100 Litre Dehumidifier

This fully portable dehumidifier provides rapid drying and humidity control for general dehumidification such as for flood or rain restoration work and paper archive drying as well as humidity reduction during process work.

See specifications below.


Choosing a dehumidifier

How wet is my room?

  • If the room is extremely wet and contains standing water or puddles of water, the humidity will be between 90 and 100 percent and is considered “extremely wet.”
  • If the room smells and feels wet and contains visible mould, mildew, leaks, and water stains, the humidity level will be between 80 and 90 percent and is classified as “wet.”
  • If the room feels very damp and you can clearly smell mould and mildew, the humidity levels will be between 70 and 80 percent and is known as “very damp.” You may or may not see visible water stains on walls and on the floor.
  • If the room only smells musty in damp or humid weather, the relative humidity will be between 60 and 70 percent and is considered “moderately damp.”

The Sun Tec is a fully portable dehumidifier providing rapid drying and humidity control for flood and rain restoration work, drying of timber flooring before being laid, building drying, providing drying during process work and general dehumidification. Standard features include: heavy duty wheels and handle, built-in condensate pump, efficient rotary compressor with soft start, automatic hot gas defrost and R410A refrigerant gas.



Water Removal Max     (32°C/90%RH)
108L per day
Water Removal AHAM  (27°C/60%RH)
61L per day
Water Removal            (10°C/70%RH)
27L per day
Operating Area
50m2 – 1,100m2
Operating Temp. Range1° – 38° C
Max Humidity Reduction25%RH
Refrigerant (CFC Free)R410A
Power Consumption
1650 Watt
Power 230V7.5 Amps
Rated Air Flow900 m3/h
Control PanelTouch-pad with Timer Control
Defrost TypeHot-gas bypass
Air FilterHAF (High Airflow Filters)
Water PumpCentrifugal
Large WheelsSemi-pneumatic
Drain Hose Length10m
Cable Length8m
L X W X H915X550X455mm


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